CA2198583C – Compacted bentonite-based absorbents – Google Patents

CA2198583C – Compacted bentonite-based absorbents – Google Patents

The main objective of this study was to remove heavy metals such as Cu, Co, Zn, Pb, As, Cd and Cr from industrial wastewater by adsorption using local bentonite clay and roasted date pits. The concentration level of various heavy metals in the industrial wastewater of Riyadh City was above the permissible recommended limits. Also, the concentration level of hazardous heavy metals in the treated water was within the permissible limits for crop production. The study showed good potential for removing heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater by adsorption using local bentonite clay and roasted date pits. Recent industrial revolution in Saudi Arabia has enormously increased the industrial wastewater production which is highly contaminated with various types of heavy metals. Heavy metal contamination exists in waste effluents of different factories such as metal plating, mining operations, tanneries, chloralkali, ceramic painting, manufacturing paints, catalysts, alloy industries, wire conducting, galvanizing iron, polymer stabilizer, storage batteries manufacturing, semiconductors, pesticides, wood preservation and pigments factories Kadirvelu, ; Brezonik, ; Patterson and Passino, ; Pescod, Heavy metals have been acknowledged as potential health and environmentally hazardous materials. Many studies have shown that these metals are toxic even at low concentrations.

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The invention belongs to the production method of cat litter, particularly the production method of a kind of broken bentonite clay particle cat. Along with the raising of people’s living standard, life interest and hobby also constantly increase, and in city, the pet such as cat and dog got more and more in the last few years, and the ight soil of pet is to environment, and people are very dislikes. Cat litter is exactly a kind of product of process pet dung, and cat litter product was without definite shape in the past, and intensity is low, and dust is large, and antibiotic property is undesirable, and eliminate the unusual smell difference, is not easy to cleaning.

The object of the invention is to overcome above-mentioned technical deficiency, provide a kind of cat litter particle balling preparation shape, intensity is high, and dust is little, and antibiotic property is good, eliminates the unusual smell, and is convenient to the production method of the broken bentonite clay particle cat litter cleared up. The technical scheme that technical solution problem of the present invention adopts is: a kind of production method of broken bentonite clay particle cat litter, comprises by bentonite parts, 20 parts, sodium carbonate, tapioca 10 parts, antibacterial agent 10 parts, waterglass 40 parts and parts, water; It is characterized in that the production method of broken bentonite clay particle cat litter is:.

Bentonite MED® can be used daily for the whole family as a natural, biological The expiration date is printed on the bottom of the package. Do not use this.

Ito , H. Komine , S. Morodome, T. Sekiguchi, G. In geological disposal of high level radioactive waste, it is essential to start considering consolidation accompanying cementation, taking into consideration high earth pressure and solution of groundwater. For engineering application of natural analogue, the authors thought consolidated buffer material will have similar physical properties to bentonite ore.

In this study, we aimed to quantitatively evaluate the influence of cementation on swelling properties. In order to achieve this aim, we focused on swelling pressure and swelling strain of bentonite, using two kinds of bentonite ore whose generation dates are different respectively. As a result, swelling pressure was decreased by approximately one order of magnitude due to the influence of cementation.

Removal of Heavy Metals Using Bentonite Clay and Inorganic Coagulants

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Natural remedies – Bentonite clay drink for holistic health Bentonite Clay These self-date ideas will kill your boredom, recharge your mind and lift your.

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Email Address. Sign In. Physicochemical characterization of sodium bentonite clay and its significance as a catalyst in plastic wastes valorization Abstract: This study reveals the physicochemical characterization and catalytic behavior of locally available sodium bentonite clay. The clay was treated with hydrochloric acid to identify the characteristics. Phase identification, structural properties, and chemical compositions were investigated.

Less value of a loss on ignition LOI was found as 9. Si O2

CN104770306A – Method for producing broken bentonite particle cat litter – Google Patents

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dating bentonites and other vol canically derived strata in the British stratotypes, against which all other lower Paleozoic biostratigraphic sections throughout.

Year of fee payment : 4. Year of fee payment : 8. An animal litter such as a clay material is treated to reduce the bulk density thereof by contacting the clay material with an aqueous electrolyte solution and then heating at an elevated temperature. Substantial reductions in bulk density have been achieved without reducing the absorption capacity of the clay granule. Provisional Application Ser. The most commonly used litter box absorbent materials are inexpensive clays, such as calcined clays, that are safe and non-irritating to the animals, and that absorb relatively substantial amounts of liquids.

Other porous, solid litter box absorbent materials, that are used alone or in combination, include straw, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, porous polymeric beads, shredded paper, sand, bark, cloth, ground corn husks, cellulose, and water-insoluble inorganic salts, such as calcium sulfate. Each of these absorbent materials has the advantage of low cost, but each suffers from the disadvantage of merely absorbing a liquid waste product and holding the product within its porous matrices, or, in the case of sand, absorbing the liquid dross on its surface.

For each absorbent material, offensive odors are eventually caused by the absorbed urine, and the entire contents of the litter box, including soiled absorbent material and unsoiled absorbent material, has to be discarded. In order to reduce or eliminate objectionable odors, homeowners periodically remove the fecal matter from the litter absorbent physically. However, physical removal of the feces does not reduce or eliminate odors caused by the urine absorbed into the absorbent.

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They should wash the affected area with lukewarm water, dry it with a clean cotton towel, spread the cream on the affected area so as it covers one centimeter over the lesions and then diaper the baby. They should repeat this work every hours, after changing the diapers. Then the process and the effect of treatment will be followed up daily by phone. Needed time for each sample is 6 days.

Bentonite was modified by intercalation of amino acids into its interlayer space. Different amounts of L-glutamic acid were added to bentonite and its effect was.

The aim of this work was to compare the influence of organocations with different length of alkylammonium chain on the structural stability of clays towards mechanochemical treatment. The products were investigated by X-ray diffraction analysis, thermal analysis, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The long-chain organic cations apparently enhance the structural stability of bentonite during high-energy grinding.

Sign in Sign up. Advanced Search Help. Sign in Sign up My Content You’re not logged in. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Influence of organic surfactants on structural stability of mechanochemically treated bentonite. Restricted access. Keywords: Bentonite ; Mechanochemical treatment ; Organoclay ; Thermal analysis. Indexing Impact Factor : 2.

Authors: Xiaohong Qin and Dequn Wu. Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of sewage sludge for different sizes and heating rates. Non-isothermal kinetics of the thermal decomposition of sodium oxalate Na 2 C 2 O 4.

US20020169100A1 – Process for treating bentonite and products thereof – Google Patents

Leaching of rare earth elements from bentonite clay. Due to increasing concerns of global rare earth element shortfalls in the near future, possible alternative sources of rare earth elements have recently become of economic interest. One such alternative is decanting acid mine water originating primarily from abandoned old mines in the Witwatersrand region of the Republic of South Africa.

Keywords: rare earth elements, REE, bentonite clay, acid mine drainage, AMD, Africa: Constraints from in situ SHRIMP u-Pb dating of monazite and xenotime.

Wyoming environmental regulators will investigate complaints that a bentonite mining company regularly violated rules and escaped proper oversight, Gov. He made his commitment in an Oct. Lawson sent the letters to the DEQ, Gov. Gordon and the federal Bureau of Land Management. They allege the overseeing agencies and the company, which sells most of its dried-clay products for cat litter, are in a regulatory mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Lawson alleged recurring violations of mining rules and regulations by Black Hills Bentonite at several sites in the state. Black Hills Bentonite president Tom Thorson rejected claims his firm was operating improperly. The state, too, will follow up on the complaint, Luthi wrote in his email to Lawson. DEQ employees and administrators also failed to enforce reclamation requirements, including rules requiring the preservation and proper stockpiling of topsoil and governing the construction of roads, Lawson wrote.

At least one of those alleged infractions impacted greater sage grouse core area, Lawson said. The probe will examine the work of agency employees as well as the alleged environmental infractions, he said. Inspectors have made two visits a year to some mines in question, she said, where only one visit is required.

K–Ar dating

However, age analysis of Late Cretaceous Argentinian bentonites and associated volcaniclastic rocks from Lago Pellegrini, Northern Patagonia, indicates that, in the case of these very low-permeability rocks, the radioactive 40 Ar was retained and thus can provide information on smectite age and the timing of rock alteration. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Gondwana Res —

Abstract: We attempt to apply K-Ar dating to extracted smectite from bentonite formations collected by different age formations from Japan,. China, and America.

Alan F Witthoeft , Purdue University. The phenomenon of liquefaction, the loss of effective confining stress in a saturated soil deposit, is a potential cause of severe damage to structures. Liquefaction, particularly that occurring under cyclic or dynamic loading conditions, is generally attributable to a combination of 1 a tendency for volumetric contraction of the soil matrix and 2 the negligible compressibility of the pore fluid relative to that of the soil matrix.

Several schemes for liquefaction mitigation have been put forth which propose to affect one of these two factors. One such approach, the replacement of the pore fluid with thixotropic bentonite slurry is particularly relevant to this study. Previous work has shown this treatment to be an effective means of increasing liquefaction resistance in undrained cyclic triaxial tests. However, no experimental study to date has demonstrated the effectiveness of bentonite treatment at the field scale.

This study employed a numerical approach to investigate the effectiveness of bentonite treatment at the field scale.

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